Johnson's Baby Jelly Light Fragranced 325ml

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Johnson's Baby Jelly Light Fragranced 325ml

is specially formulated to protect your babyƒ??s skin by helping provide a protective barrier against wetness and preventing nappy rash.

With clinically proven mildness, JOHNSONƒ??S Baby Jelly Lightly Fragranced is enriched with nourishing oil that locks in the moisture to keep your babyƒ??s skin feeling soft and smooth.

JOHNSONƒ??S baby care products. Trusted by moms for over 125 years!

Features & Benefits:
ƒ?› Clinically proven mildness formula
ƒ?› Enriched with nourishing oil
ƒ?› Helps prevents nappy rash by creating a barrier against wetness
ƒ?› 24hr moisture care to help protect against dry skin Hypoallergenic & free from dyes,
ƒ?› Paediatrician and dermatologist-tested

How to use:
After bath as a moisturiser and after nappy change to help provide a barrier against wetness.